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New work arising from a recent commission.

These works have come from a recent commission for a wedding portrait. The wedding took place on top of the peak in HK, and as such I wanted to try to capture some of the plants and flowers that grew along the peak loop. I wanted to try to create a Art Nouveau feel to the work, using a limited earthy pallet that allowed for decorative line to take on a prominent role within the piece. Taking photos and drawings from the peak, I felt it important to incorporate the botanical features as a connection to the couple of where they held their special day. Once completing the work I found that I was left with a range of drawings that I was particularly happy with and wanted to do something with. So, although a slight departure from previous works, I decided to put together a couple of pattern images.

Looking at these pieces brings it home to me how much Asian pattern have subconsciously effected my own pieces.

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